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A Timeless Tale of Tradition:

Gasper Cappy Capitano

My 60yrs of Preserving the Family Sausage Legacy

Our story is an enchanting culinary tale that dates back over eight decades, beginning in the 1930s with the cherished Pardo family sausage recipe, an heirloom that was likely crafted even earlier.

As a 10-year-old boy in 1963, my sausage-making journey commenced under the warm glow of my grandfather's shop, Tony's Corner Market. Those early days spent assisting him were the foundation of my lifelong passion and commitment.

Fast forward to the bustling 1970s, my time at my Uncle Cappy's Meat Market became a defining era. Here, I devoted endless hours to refining the Original Mild Sausage recipe, faithfully preserving the core essence by maintaining the same time-honored spices that continue to delight palates to this day.

Gasper Cappy Capitano

The 1980s brought with it an intriguing proposal from Publix Supermarkets. They aimed to buy our secret recipe from the then master of Tampa Italian Sausage, Jimmy Pardo. Yet, our commitment to keeping the tradition alive was unwavering. Jimmy, steadfast in his decision, declined the offer and passed down to me the responsibility of preserving the recipe, a promise I continue to honor.

Our culinary journey didn't halt there. We went on to incorporate bold new flavors by adding a spicy Hot and a delightful Sweet variation to the original recipe. Not long after, we also ventured into creating an irresistible Chicken sausage recipe in Mild, Sweet, and Hot versions, catering to a wide range of taste preferences.

Our most recent culinary marvel is the Italian Style Sausage Meatballs, a succulent delight available in both Sweet and Hot varieties, proving to be a delectable addition to our ever-evolving menu.

Antonino Nino Ficarrotta

Tony’s Corner Market

Vincent Jimmy Pardo

We strive for consistency in quality and taste. To ensure this, every batch is meticulously weighed before the precise amount of spices is mixed in, resulting in a consistently superior product run after run.

This age-old Tampa family recipe, steeped in tradition for over 80 years, remains an embodiment of supreme quality. We pride ourselves on using all-natural ingredients, promising an experience that surpasses expectations with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our story is a testament to our unwavering dedication to preserving a cherished family tradition while continually innovating for the joy of your taste buds.

Tony Ficarrotta

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